Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bong Gate aka The Phelps Phillie

Man it must really be a slow news week. Everywhere I look people are talking about the picture of Michael Phelps smoking out of a bong. Without getting into a whole thing about the pros and cons of marijuana lets look at things objectively. With all illicit drugs that our athletes are taking, I have to be honest it is kind of refreshing to see a guy who is only smoking a little doobie. Performance enhancing drugs were so prevalent in baseball in the 90s, that it is now knows as the steroid era. Classy. Look at Michael Johnson and Marion Jones and their drug scandals. Thats a big deal, steroids are not only very dangerous to the body, but they are also used for cheating. Using perfomance enhancers is not only very dangerous, but it shows a huge lack of class and integrity in an individual. Smoking pot, that shows a love of Doritos and Cheech and Chong Movies. But everyone wants to pile on poor Michael Phelps. I mean what that guy did at the olympics was nothing short of amazing, the guy won 8 gold medals!! So if he wants to kick back and hit a water pipe (see the wet theme here?) let him. Outside of putting some twinkies in the pool, pot is not a perfomance enhancer. I guess the question we need to ask is, if little Josh Jr. was going to be taking some sort of drug, wouldnt you want it to be weed and not HGH, steroids or some other horrible perfomance enhancer? I know that I would. Now had Phelps broken the rotation (you know puff...puff..not give) then we would have a reason to demonize him. But from all evidence it doesnt seem that that was the case. Of course maybe you can say that with his oversized lungs that he sucked down a whole quarter ounce per bong hit, but I think thats just being petty. So I ask you, what did he do that was so bad, that caused this fuss. Nothing. He smoked a bit of weed. Whoopty doo. Lets move on.

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